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Vitis 'Marechal Foch'
Tsoon: 6-9
Kasvukõrgus: 2-3 m
Õitsemise aeg: VI
Laoseis: 2
Suurus: Pott 5-7 l
Hind: 13.75 EUR
Tootekood: 23553
Postiga pole võimalik saata!.
Kogus: +

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It was named after the French marshal Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929). Some believe it to be a cross of Goldriesling (itself an intra-specific cross of Riesling and Courtiller Musqué) with a Vitis riparia - Vitis rupestris cross. Others contend that its pedigree is uncertain and may contain the grape variety Oberlin 595. It ripens early, and it is cold-hardy and resistant to fungal diseases. The berry size is small, which makes it prone to bird injury. The quality of wine produced by Marechal Foch vines is highly dependent upon vine age, and the flavor profile associated with many new-world hybrid varietals is much reduced in examples made with fruit picked from older vines.

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