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Palusalu aiad

Palusalu Aiad OÜ is engaged in design and maintenance of private gardens. We have set ourselves the goal of enriching the Estonian garden with English gardening culture.
In our garden, we place great emphasis on the compatibility of plants and their decorativeness throughout the year.
From Palusalu type garden you can find something exciting and spectacular in every season.
When designing plant communities, we pay great attention to the natural factor – the choice of plants from the point of view of the natural community (habitat, insects, birds, plant pests…).
We are working together with other Estonian specialists in this field to achieve the best possible results in the construction of planned small structures and pavements.
When designing, we consider the wishes of the client and the existing and/or planned conditions – we jointly find the ideal solution for a unique, attractive and yet functional garden.
After setting up the garden, we offer special care for the client’s garden: maintenance of the planting areas, general and special cuts of trees and shrubs (bonsais, different form cuts, fruit trees) as well as special care of the lawn.
We carry out the construction and maintenance of the garden on the basis of the hourly price or the price offer.
We draw garden plans or, if desired, individual maps of the planting beds.
For all garden enthusiasts who want to set up their own garden and take care of the garden, we offer professional seminars and study days.

Palusalu Aiad OÜ

Kungla, Nulga küla

Räpina vald 64412



Tel: 00372 533 24 188