* Visit us on Türi Flower Fair on 17-19 May, 2019. As traditionally You'll find us on a great lawn area. We offer the largest assortment of garden daylilies, phloxes and irises in this time.

* The Day of garden perennials in Aiasõber's Sale Garden will take place 02-03 August, 2019. During this event all the days gardener Lembit Kaarna presents more than 2000 garden-variety containing a collection of perennials. It is possible to get practical information about growing the daylilies and photograph a very diverse range of the varieties. At same time there will be opportunity for visiting the homegarden. Also is possible to buy daylilies as well as a wide range of perennials, shrubs and trees at the sale garden. The event is free of charge.


* Home Garden and a collection of the garden daylilies are open for visitors  1-st June - 05th September, 2019. There You will find over 2000 different plants at Home Garden and more than 200 different varieties of Daylilies. Garden ticket is possible to buy at the sale gardens cash desk in opening hours. Ticket costs 2 euros per person.