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Current period

Current period

In the current period, our assortment includes perennials, flower bulbs, bare root plants, ornamental trees and shrubs, and to some extent berry crops. We have tried to differ from what large garden centers offer when compiling the assortment. This has been a success, which is proven by the fact that there are many collectors and gardeners among our customers who want to experiment with growing of some special or new plant in their garden. It is difficult to find another gardening company in Estonia, which would be able to offer more than 50 different varieties of Hosta’s at the same time, or which would have 200 different varieties of daylilies at a same time to choose from, or where there are more than 60 different phlox varieties available at a same time. Every year we try to renew our assortment with at least 300 new names to continue to be an attractive place to buy for plant collectors.

New era

2011, we built a new market garden located on 2 hectares. In addition, we started building a collection of garden daylilies in the summer of 2010. There are currently 210 different varieties growing. In the immediate vicinity of the market garden, there is a green auditorium that allows student groups to organize gardening outdoor seminars. Species and variety-rich home collection garden is a unique attraction. As a new trend, we want to offer our buyers, in addition to the growing assortment, more and more plants reproduced in Estonia, which gives our customers a greater confidence in the growth of the plant.

A modern approach

Garden daylilies are under special observation. We have brought in the hybrids from northern Latvia with carefully selected pedigree, which crossing we are dealing with at the moment. The aim of the garden daylilies hybridization is to breed new up-to-date hybrids that are with good resistance and which fit the Estonian conditions and also provide a base for local plant breeding of the garden daylily. We have been involving bachelor and master students from the Horticultural Department of the Estonian University of Life Sciences who have carried out numerous experiments with a garden daylily on our test field, which have resulted in several very relevant and strong master theses.

Flowers and Birds

In 1991 – 2001 we were engaged in the production and export of bird houses and nest boxes.

We started importing and selling flower corms and perennial roots in 1995. Between 2002 and 2006 we were actively engaged in mail order sales of plant reproductive material. During this period, we launched a mail order catalog “AIASÕBER” that quickly became a bestseller.